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Male Breast Reductionin Austin, TX

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Expert Perspective

With 35 years of experience, Dr. Robert Caridi offers patients a higher understanding of Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Austin, TX.

Having undergone gynecomastia treatment himself and completing thousands of successful male breast reduction surgeries Austin plastic surgeon, Dr. Caridi provides patients with the utmost empathy and experience. Dr. Caridi can assess your condition to determine if you suffer from gynecomastia and develop your ideal treatment plan. Learn more if male breast reduction surgery is right for you by scheduling a consultation at the Austin Gynecomastia Center (AGC).

How do I know if I have Gynecomastia?

The most known cause of gynecomastia is a previous, usually temporary, hormonal imbalance.

Imagine the feeling that comes when you can finally stick out your chest and feel proud of your body. At Austin Gynecomastia Center, we call that joining the Gynecomastia Brotherhood. You are not the first man to experience these feelings. You are not the first to decide to do something about it. We want to introduce you to the stories of men like you who have found the courage within themselves to take control of their bodies and change their lives. These stories inspire us. They motivate us to share these incredible journeys of self-discovery and transformation so that we can help find other men who could use the power of the Gynecomastia Brotherhood in their lives.

Pseudogynecomastia or “false gynecomastia” describes female-looking breasts in a male caused only by excess fatty tissue, with treatment being weight loss alone. However, the use of this term is disingenuous and misleading because it is never ‘just fat.’ This tissue can be fatty, glandular, fibrous, or any combination of the three and will not disappear without surgical removal. While gynecomastia is considered a medically harmless condition, it can cause long-term emotional turmoil and mental stress that, left untreated, can affect your overall physical health. Accordingly, Dr. Caridi will evaluate your initial chest concerns using an Online Consultation and respond with a treatment plan within a couple of hours of his assessment.

How Bad is My Gynecomastia?

Patients often ask, “How bad is my gynecomastia?”

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It doesn’t make a difference how bad we think it is. The mental consequences you are suffering are either there or not.

Yes, more prominent cases require more work and expertise at treatment, but the actual size has less impact than you would think in terms of results. Some of the more obscure-looking gynecomastia cases are in those who appear to be in fantastic shape, drawing more attention to the discrete, female-looking breasts - a combination that is often more challenging to overcome for men.

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery, known as gynecomastia surgery, is performed as an outpatient procedure. The procedure’s primary purpose is to remove benign male breast tissue and naturally contour the chest, which at the Austin Gynecomastia Center takes about 60 minutes on average. Recovery to normal, non-strenuous activities is typically one to two days, with mild to moderate discomfort.

Am I a good candidate for a Male Breast Reduction?

Most men who feel their chest is rounder, fuller, or more feminine-looking than it should be are candidates for male breast reduction surgery.

While teens to older men may be candidates, they must be in good health overall without any underlying health conditions that may complicate the procedure or recovery. Furthermore, our Austin male breast reduction patients should be within or near their recommended BMI zone to ensure the utmost safety during and after surgery.

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Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Most gynecomastia cases require general anesthesia. Your surgeon must have the best and safest opportunity to completely remove all underlying gynecomastia tissue and properly contour the chest. Our exceedingly experienced and board-certified anesthesiologist provides all of our anesthesia services. Local anesthesia is only for those who have gynecomastia localized beneath the nipple with minor fullness and no major contouring needed near the pectoralis muscle.

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Standard gynecomastia treatment involves four sequential steps:

  • Tumescent infiltration
  • VASER™ ultrasound-assisted liposuction
  • Vacuum-assisted cannula-based liposuction
  • Gynecomastia tissue removal

Treatment begins with a small incision hidden in the axilla (armpit) and at the bottom border of the areola (nipple). These are entry points for the tumescent and liposuction cannulas (long tube or straw-like instruments). Tumescent infiltration involves injecting a local anesthetic and epinephrine solution to reduce bleeding and pain during and after the procedure and assist in ultrasonic liposuction. Next, VASER ultrasound energy dissolves the fat surrounding the denser gynecomastia tissue. Then, vacuum-assisted liposuction extracts this dissolved fat and contours the remaining chest tissue to a natural, masculine appearance. Finally, surgical and finger dissection techniques remove the remaining harder, fibrous, and more glandular gynecomastia tissue through the small incision hidden in the bottom of the nipple.

This tissue is the cause of excess fullness and "puffy nipples" and is far too dense to be treated using liposuction alone. This last step is crucial in ensuring your gynecomastia never comes back. During final closure, Dr. Caridi uses his internal flap technique to join underlying tissue layers beneath the nipple to alleviate nipple depression and create a smooth and natural-looking chest. Absorbable sutures then close the small incision at the border of the nipple. For your health and safety, any anesthesia or sedative used beyond local anesthesia requires a family member, friend, or hired professional to drive you home and supervise you for the next 6-12 hours.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery

Most of our Austin male breast reduction patients return to work in a few days; however, if your job involves heavy lifting or strenuous activity, you may want to allow yourself additional time away from work. Dr. Caridi recommends staying away from any lifting or exercise involving the chest for several weeks to allow any internal sutures to heal properly. It is crucial to adhere to this recommendation to limit the risk of hematoma, seroma, and unsightly scar tissue formation. See full gynecomastia recovery instructions or watch this video to know what to expect.

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However, regular exercise can resume in 2 weeks. Dr. Caridi will provide you detailed post-operative instructions to adhere to for optimal healing. You will be given a compression garment to wear after your surgery to provide support, facilitate skin retraction, and reduce swelling. Wearing this garment for a minimum of four weeks will help control swelling in the chest. In addition, manual massage of the chest tissue is encouraged starting three weeks after gynecomastia treatment and continuing for several months to prohibit long-term scar tissue formation.

Male Breast Reduction Results

It may take a few days for the majority of swelling to dissipate, but you will see immediate improvement.

Dr. Caridi Male breast reduction surgeon in Austin

It may take an additional few months for swelling to subside entirely. Once your incisions heal, you can begin additional scar treatment; however, these scars will fade nicely on their own over time. Dr. Caridi suggests medical-grade silicone scar sheets.

“There is not a lot of published research about psychological recovery from gynecomastia. There is no doubt that male breast reduction surgery helps tremendously, but the degree to which it helps depends on the individual. Some tell me that it never crosses their mind again, while others say it’s improved but that they are not 100% recovered from the trauma inflicted by their gynecomastia. I take photos of the excised tissue and allow patients the opportunity to feel the removed tissue. Why? It’s simple. I’ve learned through my years of experience that men who suffer from gynecomastia sometimes need a sense of closure and want to know that it was real and, fortunately, gone forever.” - Dr. Caridi

Is Male Breast Reduction Worth the Risk?

“My experience with gynecomastia is quite extensive, going far beyond the procedure itself. Male breast reduction treatment with me produces consistently positive results and happy patients. My primary concern is helping you manage your recovery period to achieve the best results possible. Attaining life-changing beneficial results FAR outweighs the risks of treatment. My extensive experience offers optimal results with minimal risk. Furthermore, the treatment for gynecomastia is more advanced than ever before. Choose your surgeon carefully so you are in the best hands.” - Dr. Caridi

Schedule your Male Breast Reduction in Austin at the Austin Gynecomastia Center

Dr. Robert Caridi is a consummate professional and highly regarded for providing gynecomastia surgery in Austin. He offers his patients his talent with performing surgery in the context of doing the right thing- this means only offering treatments to his patients that make a real difference, performed safely and reliably in a comforting and personal environment. Learn more about male breast reduction surgery and meet with Dr. Caridi today.

Male Breast Reduction
Frequently Asked Questions

Male breast reduction surgery will not contour the developed pectoral muscles if the muscle development is not already present. However, treatment does involve some form of contouring to create even tissue layers and a natural-looking chest.

The cost of your male breast reduction will be explained during your online consultation. Once Dr. Caridi examines and assesses your case, he will tailor a treatment plan that is right for you. He strives to answer all inquiries the same day.

Enlarged areolas or puffy nipples will shrink immediately after removing all excess gynecomastia tissue. However, depending on your skin’s elasticity, if your nipples need repositioning due to significant skin ptosis (sagging), Dr. Caridi will explain any surgical approach that may be necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Non-surgical or non-invasive options are not recommended to treat gynecomastia because these treatments have not been proven to offer effective results and can even cause further damage. There are no lotions, potions, diets, exercises, medications, or popular scam treatments that will safely and effectively eliminate gynecomastia. The uncontested optimal approach to treat gynecomastia is male breast reduction surgery.

Complications with male breast reduction surgery are rare. Still, some side effects include swelling, bruising, hematoma, seroma, infection, contour irregularities, scar tissue formation, vascular compromise, loss of sensitivity, and Mondor’s condition.

Most medical insurance providers do not cover male breast reduction surgery unless gynecomastia is related to a severe medical condition. Therefore, it is best to check with your health provider to determine your coverage options. Austin Gynecomastia Center does offer financing and payment options for your convenience.

Join the Brotherhood

At The AGC, we believe no man should have to go through the struggles of gynecomastia alone. The Gynecomastia Brotherhood is all about helping those who suffer from the burden of gynecomastia. Join the Gynecomastia Brotherhood today.

Our team at AGC is here to answer your questions, assist with scheduling your appointment, or help you with any other matters related to your treatment. Book your consultation online for specific questions regarding a personalized surgical plan.

A further detailed discussion with Dr. Caridi and his team will follow this inquiry. If you are seeking more general information or are a previous patient needing to contact medical staff, always feel free to call our office.

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