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Secondary Gynecomastia Treatment: “Bringing It Home” at the AGC With Gynecomastia RevisionAustin Gynecomastia Center

After 3 decades of plastic surgery practice and 3,200 gynecomastia treatment surgery cases performed, I’m often asked to evaluate and treat gynecomastia patients who have had previous treatment and are not satisfied with their results. In what is known as gynecomastia revision surgery or a gynecomastia revision, the most common issues that I am asked to evaluate in this setting are incomplete treatment or under treatment. These patients continue to have complaints of fullness of the chest, puffy nipples or an asymmetrical / unbalanced chest area.

For instance, on a typical day I may see 2 or 3 patients from out of town who simply don’t look like they have had previous

gynecomastia surgery or their chest area has asymmetrical fullness in the various Zones of the chest that I have described. Incomplete treatment may leave tissue behind, liposuction alone treatments will leave gland and fibrous tissue below the areolas and inartistic treatment of the various Zones of the chest will leave “odd” bulges that are not flattering. This leads to disappointment and frustration that you continue to carry the burden of gynecomastia when you thought it would be gone for good.

what happens when you don't treat gynecomastia properly

What Happens When You Don’t Treat Gynecomastia Correctly?

There certainly is an “art” to gynecomastia treatment. Knowing how to treat it, where to contour the chest and how to determine the “final result” only comes with vast experience and a good eye for this stuff. It’s easy enough for your surgeon to tell you that they “did something” but another thing to do it and do it right—the first time.

Although all my gynecomastia patients provide me with a lot of personal satisfaction from their treatment, there is nothing like taking someone who feels wronged and making it right—I call this “bringing it home”. It’s a form of closure. The burden of gynecomastia is not something you need to carry with you every day, especially so if you had thought you had done something to treat it before.

A gynecomastia revision is about fixing something that isn’t right. In almost all cases, improvements can be made to help make you whole. I understand that you wish you didn’t have to go through another treatment, but it sure is nice to know that you can finally get it the way you want it. Better late than never!

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